Rex & Margaret Fortune School of Education

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Data Driven Instructional Model

Curriculum & Instruction:

•Set the tone for learning by establishing a culture of high expectations characterized by clear expectations and routines for students.

•Teach standards-aligned instructional materials to fidelity using direct instruction, common assessments, pacing, unit and lesson plans within grade levels, across schools.

•Increase student talk time and cognitive load using ration strategies.

•Use data to drive instruction.

•Differentiate instruction for students using centers and strategic interventions.

•Promote a culture of planning, professional development and TEAM work for instructional and operational staff.

•Teachers with a Growth Mindset

•Teachers are the most important in-school factor contributing to student achievement. We believe that great instruction results from innovation and collaboration. When something works, we celebrate it and share it broadly.

•Fortune teachers know their students well and understand where and how they need to develop in order to become self-directed learners. Teachers use data driven instruction to diagnose student needs and use their professional skills and shared knowledge of best practices to personalize learning for every student. 

Fortune teachers provide:

•Personalized Learning: Every student at Fortune is tracked by their individual results which are used to guide the educational program. This intense focus on results and use of data, as well as the school’s low student-teacher ratios, allow Fortune students to ensure that all are equipped to succeed in the classroom.

•More Time: At Fortune, students start earlier and stay later than their traditional public school counterparts. The extended school day and extended school year allow teachers and students to cover a greater breadth and depth in the academic topics, which raises the bar for student learning and student achievement.

•Academic Supports: Small group and one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics – as well as afterschool homework assistance – is built into the education program at Fortune. Furthermore, students who are in need of additional support receive small group instruction on key language arts and math standards for up to six weeks during Fortune’s fall, spring, and summer intersession programs.

•Family Involvement: Families are partners in the learning process. Fortune equips parents and guardians with strategies and tools for becoming involved in their child’s education through workshops, parent groups, and family-oriented events.