Rex & Margaret Fortune School of Education

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Margaret Fortune



Wesley Pepper

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Phone: 916.924.8633 x122
Cell: 916.969.9989
Email Wesley

Dr. Kristy Pruitt

Coordinator of Teacher Education

Phone: 916.924.8633 x124
Cell: 916.205.9199
Email Kristy

Melissa Javinar

Master Teacher

Phone: 916.924.8633 x119
Cell: 916.215.6422
Email Melissa



Bonnie Bensen

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 916.924.8633 x109
Cell: 916.215.3720
Email Bonnie

Mallory Haug

Accounting Manager

Phone: 916.924.8633 x117
Cell: 916.969.9941
Email Mallory

Consuelo Prado

Fiscal Services Technician

Phone: 916.924.8633 x127
Email Consuelo

Janella Rillo

Fiscal Services Technician

Phone: 916.924.8633 x103
Email Janella

Alvin Vitug

Program Technician

Phone: 916.924.8633 x108
Email Alvin



Michelle Grace

Chief of Staff / Director of Operations

Phone: 916.924.8633 x115
Email Michelle

Laura Deniz

Program Analyst, Charter Schools

Phone: 916.924.8633 x105
Cell: 916.205.2381
Email Laura

Carmy Preston

Credential Analyst / Student Records Officer

Phone: 916.924.8633 x106
Email Carmy

Jaciel Morales

Administrative Assistant of Curriculum & Instruction

Phone: 916.924.8633 x125
Email Jaciel

Elva Lopez

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 916.924.8633 x101
Email Elva



Matt Taylor

Director of Data and Analytics

Phone: 916.924.8633 x121
Cell: 916.212.5917
Email Matt

Vanessa Caigoy

Coordinator of Compliance

Phone: 916.924.8633 x111
Cell: 916.215.3926
Email Vanessa



Jerold Ligons

Facilities Manager

Phone: 916.924.8633 x120
Cell: 916.508.2207
Email Jerold

Gus Hernandez

Custodial Supervisor

Cell: 916.224.5468
Email Gus



Lisa Strong-Dodson

Director of Human Resources

Phone: 916.924.8633 x104
Cell: 916.215.6377
Email Lisa

Shonda Hutton

Recruiter, Charter Schools

Phone: 916.924.8633 x123
Cell: 916.273.0818
Email Shonda

Ishmael Pruitt

Recruiter, Higher Education

Phone: 916.924.8633
Email Ishmael

Tahirah Taalib-Din

Excursions Program Coordinator

Phone: 916.924.8633 x112
Cell: 916.969.9365
Email Tahirah

Traci Nesbitt

Substitute Placement Coordinator

Cell: 916.805.6674
Email Traci

Renee Newman

Personnel Technician

Phone: 916.924.8633 x114
Email Renee