Celebrating 100 Days of Growth and Wisdom at Alan Rowe College Prep!

With the early sun of 100th day of academicals year, the corridors of Alan Rowe high school filled with cherish as questions were asked. Scholars appeared in not their own uniforms but like the favorite clothes which everybody could wear in their old age. Costumes included walking sticks, shawls and a few drawn-on wrinkles, women hid behind the mask of the crone of ageless wisdom and experience.
Through the day classes were filled with activities as scholars took part in the focused events that formed the core of the 100 days smarter theme. Math challenges, writing prompts, and science experiments all ended up being reversed into playful twists of scholars who not only demonstrated their newly gained knowledge but as well their newly developed skills.
And looking to the future, we do that with a grateful memory of the past and the energy for the unknown. After passing the 100 day mark, we reassure ourselves that we will keep on inspiring our scholars to achieve high standards in academics as well as co-curricular activity through fostering their intellect, emotions and spirits.Cheers to a hundred years of growth, knowledge, and unlimited power. Cheers to erstwhile Alan Rowe College Prep that everyday becomes a fete day of academic and purposeful life.