Uniform & Dress Code, K-8 Schools

 We believe that a student’s appearance has an impact on his or her attitude and behavior. Respect for the school community and for the students themselves is evidenced by dressing appropriately.  All students will adhere to a dress code that enhances a professional educational environment at all times. Students are to wear a school-approved “every day” or “dress” uniform, Monday through Friday, during off-campus school functions, as well as during Intersession and summer sessions, unless otherwise specified.  


The everyday uniform consists of the following clothing:
  • School color polo shirt with embroidered school logo
  • Khaki pants, shorts, skirt, scooters, or skorts
  • Black closed-toe shoes
  • Dark socks
  • Black belt (if necessary)
The dress uniform* consists of the following clothing:
  • Navy blue sweater vest or navy blue cardigan sweater (TK-5) with embroidered school logo
  • Navy blue sweater vest or navy blue pullover sweater (6-8) with embroidered school logo or navy blue track jacket with embroidered logo
  • Green plaid tie (TK-5)
  • School color and navy striped tie (6-8)
  • White, short sleeved button down dress shirt 
  • Khaki pants, or khaki /plaid skirts, scooters or skorts
  • Black closed-toe shoes (no tennis shoes)
  • Dark socks (boys)
  • White or navy knee highs or tights (girls)
  • Black or belt (if necessary)
The MIDDLE SCHOOL (only) PE uniform consists of:
  • School logo t-shirt.
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Black tennis shoes (consistent with the dress code policy)

Scholars must dress down in their P.E. uniforms on each of their designated P.E. days. P.E. shirts with the school logo and navy blue bottoms will be issued to scholars. Scholars shall follow policy on the maintenance of school P.E. uniforms.


All schools in the Fortune network are uniform schools.  If a student is not wearing a uniform, the following can be expected:

  • A phone call will be made to the parent/guardian requesting a change of clothes. If clothes cannot be provided, the student will be given a “loaner” uniform from the office (if available).
  • Student will be sent home.
  • If repeated uniform violations occur throughout the year, a conference will be scheduled with administration.
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