Leadership Team

Margaret Fortune, President/CEO


Margaret Fortune is changing what's possible when you create excellent educational options for Black children. Fortune's work is pointed towards one North star to close the African American achievement gap as the president/CEO of nine K-12 public charter schools in Sacramento and San Bernardino counties with a combined enrollment of more than 2,300 students. Fortune has founded some of California's top majority African American public schools. Fortune established an early college high school partnership with Cosumnes River College, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students can earn a high school diploma and associate degree upon graduation.


Fortune also operates Rex & Margaret Fortune School of Education, a graduate school that credentials teachers and administrators for over 60 public school systems to address the state's teacher shortage.


Fortune is often invited to participate in or lead conversations detailing the Fortune School approach to successfully educating Black children as a nationally sought-after education expert. She was a catalyst for efforts that resulted in the State of California budgeting a $300 million block grant in 2018 for the lowest-performing students. Fortune, a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, served as an education adviser to two California governors. Fortune is a Trustee Emeritus of the California State University, a Pahara-Aspen Fellow, and former board chair of the California Charter Schools Association. She was awarded an honorary doctorate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for her substantial contributions to education.


Fortune was inducted into the National Charter School Hall of Fame for her role in reopening schools during the Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California's history. The seven public schools Dr. Fortune was responsible for reopening during the Camp Fire were the only ones to open on time during the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 regarding insured losses.


Fortune continues to increase her national footprint through her work as the Co-Chair of the Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools, a national organization founded to protect the right of "self-determination" for parent choice for Black and Latino families. Dr. Fortune is a proud member of the board of directors of the National Action Network Sacramento Chapter. 



Bonnie Bensen

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 916.924.8633


Michelle Grace

Chief Operating Officer

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Wesley Pepper

Chief Academic Officer

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Kellie Bliss

Higher Education Program Director, Early Childhood Education

Phone: 916.963.4362

Cell: 916.955.5321


Vendetta Dozier-Brown

Higher Education Program Director 

Phone: 916.963.4362

Cell: 916.956.2659


Stefon Dubose

Music Director

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Cell: 916.956.4468


Joseph Gambino

Director of Education Technology

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Cell: 916.273.1035



Jerold Ligons 

Director of Facilities

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Cell: 916.508.2207


Shonda Moore

Director of Marketing and Communications

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Cell: 951.963.4362


Odisa Nyong

Director of Independent Study and AVID

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Cell: 916.215.6401


Latrice O'Gilvie

Higher Education Program Director, Special Education

Phone: 916.924.8633

Cell: 916.704.2015


Andre Slade

Director of Special Education

Phone: 916.684.0100

Cell: 916.214.8622


Derek Swafford

Athletic Director

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Cell: 916.953.3574


Sara Williams

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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Cell: 916.823.1397


Tenaya Woods

Preschool Executive Director 

Phone: 916.793.3671
Cell: 916.639.1209


Dominic Zarecki

Director of Data, Analytics, and Strategy

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Cell: 916.215.3241




Roque Neto

Dean Higher Education

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Cell: 916.956.2069





Raafi Bell

Hardy Brown College Prep

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Fax: 909.889.5002


Kim Howard

Fortune School

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Monisha Blake

William Lee College Prep

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Fax: 916.273.1035


Beverly Bryant

Alan Rowe College Prep

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Fax: 916.684.0121


Monisha Blake 

Ephraim Williams College Prep Middle School

Phone: 916.262.8083

Fax: 916.273.1035


Jennifer Breaux

Hazel Mahone College Prep

Phone: 916.999.8187

Fax: 916.999.8196


Akele Newton

Rex and Margaret Fortune Early College High School

Phone: 916.753.1170

Fax: 916.753.1171


Akele Newton

Fortune Middle School

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Tamara Williams 

Tecoy Porter College Prep

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Tamara Williams 

Stephon A. Clark College Prep Middle School

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