Five Pillars

High Expectations
Means that our students will be competitively eligible for college. 
Choice and Commitment
We all choose to be in this environment, so we have to be committed. That means that we will do whatever it takes in order for our students to succeed. That includes, students, parents, teachers, and staff. We don't shy away from hard work, we embrace it. No one will out work a Fortune School student, no one. 
More Time
We give our scholars more time in order to be successful. That means tutoring, Saturday school, and intersession. Our students do better because they spend more time practicing. 
Focus on Results
We are a data driven environment. We are constantly analyzing student data and making adjustments in instruction to meet the needs of students. We are very public with our data, as a parent you can expect for it to be posted outside the classroom every week, and you can check your students results through our system Illuminate on the parent portal. 
We've talked a lot about the mind, at Fortune School we also care about the heart. We teach our students to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. Our students must do a community service project throughout the year, and it's a requirement to make honor roll. 
Three Rules



Work Hard