Our Approach

Our transitional kindergarten through 12th-grade scholars are introduced to the college-going mindset from the first day of school. Classrooms are named after colleges and universities to symbolize the bigger picture - college is where they belong. The foundation for our success is establishing a culture of high expectations for all of our scholars, teachers, and operational staff.




Kinder Student

Elementary School


Our elementary school scholars participate in Second-Step to nurture healthy social-emotional skills. They also engage in four days of 15-minute yoga sessions, fostering focus, energy, and strength. Our program encompasses visual and performing arts, offering enriching experiences and partnerships with the community for practice and final performances. We collaborate with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for an annual field lesson, allowing our fifth-grade scholars to explore the university's hands-on labs. Furthermore, our Fortune Excursions provide extended after-school learning opportunities.

Middle School Student
Middle School


AVID's college readiness system mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. Fortune School takes pride in offering this exclusive program to our middle school scholars. We are developing the next generation of app designers and developers where our middle school scholars learn to code through our partnership with Apple. Our scholars have the opportunity to take a trip into the wilderness. These trips foster critical thinking and collaboration skills, helping to develop each scholar's social-emotional well-being and each class's ability to work together for a common goal

High School Student






Early College

High School


We focus on the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math curriculum, with a "learn by doing" model, where students can earn an associate's degree by high school graduation while meeting A-G requirements for transfer to UC and CSU systems.